Milton Bradley


Find a brand that is dead or defunct and redesign its brand identity to fit a future vision. The process includes researching its history, analyzing possible future audiences, and then defining the new brand direction.


I was inspired by Milton Bradley’s mission—playing board games is not only fun but also inspiring and connects people. Based on its brand soul, I believe Milton Bradley company can dive into a new vision which is about motivating people, developing the ability of collaboration and helping people build a better community. For this new direction, I created a logo that has a pentagon shape and consists of triangles which form a negative space in a star.


Our new logo is base on a pentagon and is formed with five group of triangles, which shape a star radiating from the center. The final version can appropriately reflect our core values and can be applied to our future expansion. Our new identity symbolizes diversity, potential, collaboration, motivation, and harmony. All of which are essential to building a better community, that is also our ultimate vision. 

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